The Fix-It Sisters

Our Do’s and Don’ts of summer

Here’s our easy reference guide for summer. Have at it:

  • Do make your own fruit juice popsicles in those cute little molds. They’re cool and so much better than store bought ones.
  • Don’t leave those popsicles in the car to be eaten later.
  • Do make your own bug spray instead of bathing yourself and family in chemicals.
  • When you make your own bug spray, don’t substitute pink lemonade if you can’t find citronella.
  • Don’t think that because your bathing suit looks super cute at the beach that it’s appropriate shopping attire. Clothes and shoes are always a good idea.
  • If your bathing suit is a kaftan, you’re all set. You’ll be welcomed anywhere.
  • Don’t forget your potato salad in the car for two hours unchilled and serve it to a crowd.
    You had to bring up the potato salad incident of 2013, didn’t you?
    It’s a public service.
  • When you’re invited to a cookout and asked to bring a side dish, try tabouli. It’s pretty safe, and more car-stable than popsicles.
  • Don’t wear flip flops in the city. Just don’t.
    Really? Not even the fancy spangley ones that go with my kaftan? What do people do in cities in the summer?
    Have you ever looked at your feet after walking around Manhattan for a day in flip flops all day. I don’t even want to think about all the stuff that creeps in.
    Actually, I did a study on that. It’s the same stuff you find in most kitchen sinks. Especially in the sponges.
    Pardon me. I need to go throw away my sponge.
    (That one gets her every time.)
  • Don’t forget to lather yourself in at least an SPF 15 sunscreen at the beach. Actually just bathe yourself in it every day if you don’t want to look like you’re 150 when you’re only 32.
  • And wear a hat. Or set up one of those little tent things that look so pretty when the breezes come through.
    I love those! I always wanted one. Then I’d pretend I was a sultan, or would it be sultana?
    I think a sultana is a kind of raisin, which is what we’re trying to avoid here.
  • Do vacation with friends. It’s more fun, and you can share expenses and experiences.
    Just make sure you don’t eat all the other family’s food on the first day. Figure it all out ahead of time and no one gets hurt. Literally.
  • Don’t overdo it in the heat. Make sure to drink plenty of water and wear light clothing.
  • Things get hotter than you think, so don’t leave kids, pets, popsicles or potato salad in the car.
  • Metal detectors are really fun on the beach – just don’t use them to go through other people’s stuff.
    Yes. You have to wait for them to lose it, and then go find it with your metal detector.
  • Do take advantage of the weather and grill outside. It’s healthy and delicious.
    Grilling lettuce is hard, by the way.
    Only you, Scarlett.
    How was I supposed to know it was only the peaches that get grilled in the grilled peach salad? Also, salad dressing is potentially combustible. But we already knew that from last summer.
  • And don’t miss the fireworks!
  • Just don’t take your dogs or really little kids. It scares the pants off them – assuming your dogs wear pants.

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