The Fix-It Sisters

Annabelle fashions forward

Scarlett, I had a terrific idea! I just got a new job working at this sweet little boutique and was thinking we should write an all-fashion column. What do you think?

I think I can’t believe you got another job. What is this, like 27?

No, It’s only about five or so. But I love this one! I get to help people put outfits together, talk about what to do with their hair and makeup. It’s so much fun!

You do that at all your jobs – even that time you were powerwashing decks. Did you get what you’re wearing at the boutique? Was a dare involved?

No, there was not. It’s very fashion forward. I’m calling this look “urban prairie.” I think it’s adorable.

When urban prairie catches on, I’ll make sure everyone knows I saw it here first. I’ve never seen anyone wear a bolo tie with a tank top before.

I know! I think I have a gift! It’s so much fun to mix and match. It’s a resale boutique, so there’s all sorts of different things. I also bought a couple of skirts and combined them. I’m calling this a prairie pencil skirt.

Wow. It’s like the Rocky Mountain Oyster of skirts.

I have a surprise for you – I brought you a whole outfit that I created just for you! Here, open the bag!

Oh. I… Can I save it for later? I just ate.

What’s that supposed to mean?

That’s what I always say when you hand me something in a bag and I’m pretty sure I don’t want it. Gee, it’s so…colorful.

I know! I thought Paisley and Ernest would love it!

You mean for dress ups? Oh thank goodness. I thought you meant…

No, it’s for you, Scarlett. You have to go try it on!

The thing is, a jumpsuit takes time to get into and we have to write the column, and then I have to go to the grocery store….I’ll just put it all back in the bag. Oh, I didn’t see the skirt and leg warmers. Thanks for getting me all these outfits. I was just noticing that I had too much closet space.

It’s one outfit! You can’t tell what it looks like on just from the bag, you layer the whole thing. Trust me, I’m a professional.

I’m just going to put it over here. Boy, that neon green and puce really are interesting together.

You have to dare to take fashion risks, Scarlett. You don’t want to look like everyone else. You have to let your clothes speak for you.

These are saying “help me!”

What? I didn’t hear you. You’re mumbling.

I’m just overwhelmed by your generosity. Let’s answer some questions, shall we?

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